Bigod 20 - steel works!

What stuck me about this comment is that it is the sort of statement you regularly see from Western anthropologists or adventure tourists in relation to indigenous colored peoples the world over. That is, a parochial clannish folk trying to hold onto to their traditions, albeit with the downside of being inward looking and often regressive (downside from the perspective of Westerners that is). What these people lack in cosmopolitan openness, they make up for in adherence to authentic values which can’t but help earn some admiration. Substitute “Scots-Irish” for “Pashtun”, “Hmong” or “Berber” and you will see what I mean.

My take was: Bring a gun to a gunfight! For all the chest thumping for this or that cartridge, hitting your target counts most, even if you have to hit it more than once.

The town had a population of 10,821 according to the 2001 census , increasing to 12,350 at the 2011 census. [1] It is served by the M48 motorway , and its accessibility to the cities of Bristol , Newport and Cardiff means it has a large number of commuters. It is administered as part of Monmouthshire County Council , and is within the Monmouth parliamentary constituency and Wales Assembly constituency . Chepstow is on the western bank of the Wye, while adjoining villages on the eastern bank of the river, Tutshill and Sedbury , are located in England.

Bigod 20 - Steel Works!Bigod 20 - Steel Works!Bigod 20 - Steel Works!Bigod 20 - Steel Works!